Prabuddha Dasgupta-Photographer Passes Away

New Delhi: Noted fashion photographer Prabuddha Dasgupta passed away in Mumbai today following a heart attack. He was among India’s leading photographers and his works have been published in prestigious magazines across the world.

Prabuddha never received any formal education in photography, but he was determined to teach himself the technicalities of photography.

He was among those rare Indian photographers who didn’t hesitate in showcasing nude portraits, in 1996, he came up with a book ‘Women’, which was a collection of nudes of urban Indian women.

Recipient of several awards, Dasgupta was the face of brave photography in India. His second book ‘Ladakh’ showed his grip on the landscapes. This book also expressed his eye for frontier wilderness.

He never believed in separating commissioned and artistic assignments. Despite all the constraints, Dasgupta tried his best to bring in his personal sensibilities to all his projects.

With his demise, the cultural world has lost a person who always stood by his ideas and never compromised on his basic beliefs.

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