Pop singer Hadiqa Kiyani trolling the people who are forcing single parent to get in Relation!

Hadiqa Kiyani 44 year old singer is all upset to have getting views from the people for single, divorced or widowed women to get married as she also share her personal experience on Instagram that she has been proposed by a man because she has a child.

The singer wrote on her Instagram story, ”Stop using the child of a woman as a way to romance her or as a way to force her into a relationship. Because this society makes it seem that single mothers aren’t capable of raising their children on their own.”

Kiani adopted a baby from the Edhi Foundation following the disastrous 2005 earthquake. “When I chose to adopt, I was told by many that it would ruin my chances of remarrying. I know other women who have been harassed by family members and people in our society,” she elaborated.

“Being told that they must find a father for their kids. And many men are amazing and kind and loving but there are evil men who take advantage of a single mother’s children. The same relatives who tell you to remarry never seem to mention those men. I say all of this to say: Respect the single mother’s capabilities as a parent. ”She stresses on the same issue, “It is your job to encourage and uplift your fellow women, not judge them or force them into a relationship just for the sake of being in one.”

The singer portrayed her as a voice of all women who wants to live their life as they want without having fear of society.After her post about this issue, she was supported by some people as well as society norms do not allow women to break free from abusive marriage relation and that requires correction.