Play back singer Zubaida Khanum Dead At Age 78

Pakistani singer Zubaida Khanum died from a heart attack recently and all of Pakistan is remembering her.

Zubaida Khanum

PM Nawaz Sharif described Zubaida Khanum as a “national asset” to Pakistan. Zubaida Khanum was well known for her performances during Lollywood’s “golden era” of the 1950′s and 1960′s and recorded almost 250 songs during her career. She also acted in some films but was famous for her playback singing, which was pre-recorded for use in films during that time frame.

She was born in 1935 in Amritsar – India and migrated to Pakistan after the country was partitioned from India. She was the eldest one in her siblings.

The singer was urged by a teacher to get in contact with Radio Pakistan while still very young. But the family of Zubaida Khanum did not encourage her career in music.

During the height of her music career, Zubaida Khanum married cameraman Riyaz Bokhari and left the music industry. She had two daughters and two sons, one of whom became a camera man like his father.

Zubaida Khanum spent the last several years of her life living with her sons in Lahore. She was confined to a wheelchair and her heart condition eventually led to cardiac arrest. She was rushed to the hospital but doctors were unable to help and Zubaida Khanum died on October 19, which happened to be the same date as her husband’s passing.

The funeral of Zubaida Khanum was attended hundreds of mourners, including people famous in the Pakistani film industry. Zubaida Khanum was described as “an institution in the world of singing” and Ejaz Durrani said, “Khanum acquired a unique place in the Pakistani film industry which could hardly be substituted.” The various heads of organizations and the government also sent condolences to the family.

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