PHJ star Hamza Ali Abbasi has set another venture for himself: Opening a flying school?

Hamza ali abbasi is all set to open a school for flying purposes and who doesn’t want to be part of the project .there are rumours in air that this school would open seems like Hamza Ali abbasi has made his parwaz for upgradtion of society.

Our PHJ star has great love for planes as he has mentioned in his recent interview that how much he adores planes and loves flying them.We can see the glimpse of happiness in his eyes when he talks about his movie PHJ.

“I was thrilled when this film came my way in which I got to live my fantasy – what could be better than that!” revealed the jubilant Hamza. Fighter planes have always attracted the PHJ star and he is well-versed in the types and makes of most of them with Pakistan’s flagship fighter plane F16 being one of his favorites.

He explained on his opening the first flying school in Pakistan, one that would cater to kids, and adults both and all genders regardless of anyone’s socio-economic status. He shared that a kid’s dream should not be held back due to lack of finances and as he proceeds with his plan, he will have a clearer idea of how that strategy will turned into reality.

We admire Hamza Ali Abbasi because of his concern about the society and people.we wish him all the very best for this step towards best project!

Hamza Ali Abbasi has recently worked in the PHJ with commitment and devotion and took his role quite seriously.

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