PFC Announces first ever Interiors Pakistan Expo 2013 on 12th, 13th & 14th April

Interiors Pakistan Expo

Pakistan furniture Council organized a press lounge at La Atrium Restaurant – (Chen One Complex, Halli Road), senior architects and interior designers discussed and gave solutions for job opportunities, furniture industry, exposure to young interior designers, and future goals and growth of interior designers in Pakistan, a grand display on Interiors Pakistan Expo 2013 were the basis that attracted designers and architects from all over Pakistan.

The Press Lounge was be briefed by many senior interior designers and architects among which Sajjad Kausar (Former Principal of National College of Arts), Hina Tayyaba (Vice Chancellor – PIFD), Jawad Ahmad Tahir (Head of Interiors Department, Punjab University), (Shahzad Mughal (CEO Workman), Tina Khan (CEO TKID), Mian Kashif Asfaq (CEO PFC), Hamza Tarar (Owner of Casa Hamza), Omer Nabi (Owner of Studio O) & Rizwan Amjad (Owner of National Furniture) shared their experiences and their proposed solutions with the presence of PFC in Pakistan.

The first ever grand gathering of all the most famous names in interior designing to exhibit their designs together was introduced by Mian Kashif Ashfaq he explained the aims of PFC and “our primary goal is to support the designers and architects so their future would get solid support which would take the furniture business to the future.” Tina Khan highlighted the major problems that young interior designers face, she said “opportunities back in our days were limited and an organization such as PFC would create opportunities for young designers to step in the furniture industry everybody should know the details of their business and should join hands with PFC to make things easier all over Pakistan”.

The Interiors Pakistan Expo would commence 10,000 potential customers to the exhibition. The Q&A session for an hour on growth and sustainability of the furniture industry in Pakistan provided many senior interior designers to jump in this industry to make stable futures. Sajjad Kausar explained the importance of backing up the young talent.

“if we could get government support on managing exports the furniture industry of Pakistan can contribute a revenue worth millions on monthly basis” said Shahzad Mughal. On a question by Juggan Kazim the moderator detailed facts were also set forth that got the attention of many guests and young designers. Hamza Tarar said “providing exposure to the young talent either by media or by such events we can attract many foreign clients that may become our potential clients instantly under the circumstances provided by organizations such as PFC.”

Other key speakers included Hina Tayyaba (Principal PIFD), Omer Nabi (CEO studio-O) and Rizwan Amjad (CEO National Furnitures) also shared their ideas and future goals to strengthen the existence of PFC.

Participants involved in the Press Lounge are Casa Hamza, Chen One, TKID, Interwood, The Furniture Gallery, Barry’s Collection, Alqeetas Marbles, National Furniture, Haris Traders, Mohkam Furniture, Fantac Furniture, Workman Furniture, Happilac Paints, Black Horse Paints, Charagh Din & Company, Indoor Furniture, GR Aluminum, Grooves Interiors, Banu Mukhtar, Enviro Furniture and New Era Furniture.

Latest furniture was also displayed for the visitors; many guests were amused by the overall presentation and ideas and were willing to join hands with PFC, including all the biggest Art schools in Pakistan.


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