Pepsi Battle of the Bands Began With a Bang – The Bands Blew Our Minds For Sure!

Pakistanis and Music. We love it, it’s in our culture, in our blood and generations upon generations have their own tastes for it. The love for music doesn’t seem to be dying out anytime soon and with PBoB Season 3 on the horizon, it’s only going to get even better.

First up, the band XARB who performed Tashnagi by the Sabri brothers with their own twist to it. It had this bluesy whimsical feel to it that was commented on by Fawad as something ‘fresh and new’. It was so refreshing to hear a band that has been together for 8-9 years practice something like this so well, with hints and tricks of other genres in their music, was wonderful to see. First of the bands that got shortlisted for the main rounds.

TAMAASHA were up next, and their name tells the story really. The boys themselves said they wanted to give us a ‘good show’ and that’s exactly what they did. Ironically, they sang Raag Neela that would be pretty well known by one of our judges, smart… Excited by the excellent performance of Tamaasha on his own song, Farooq said that he hasn’t listened to someone cover his song this well for the very first time. Fawad called this version much better than the original one and Farooq completely agreed with him. He went on to state that the band woke him up and he would happily go out of the studio and buy the ticket of their concert straight away.

Meesha concluded the judgment stating, this was extremely entertaining and pleasing “Tamaasha”. Well said Meesha! We really can’t wait to see the next performance by this super talented bunch of boys.

Showing that getting to the big stage is never an easy task, until AAG came to the stage. This two man Rock’ n Roll machine from Lahore went straight at it with their tough to grasp vocals, their expressiveness on the drums and the smash and dash style that you’d expect from a Band performing ‘Jahil’. At times you had to double check if it really were just two people, as Meesha herself said this, the performance was that powerful and encouraging earning praise from the other two for the energy they brought to the stage. This earned AAG a one way ticket to the main rounds too.

KHAMAAJ have made their return to the PBoB stage again, with a new look!
They worked hard since Season 2 and now with a drummer too on their side they plan to throw their hat in the ring for the next round. They wow’d the judges with their classical performance of ‘Chimta’ especially from Farooq who gave the band a standing ovation. Fawad Khan praised Shahzaib for his expertise with the tabla drums and even said they drove him to visualization of their performances, Meesha chipped in with the same and praised both of the vocalists too for their brilliance. We’ll be seeing a lot more of Khamaaj in the main rounds

Speaking of old bands making a comeback, EHL-e-ROCK also returned to the PBoB stage to hopefully start up their claim again. They debuted ‘Aasmaan’ on the big stage with a western base, electric vibes and great vocals. So much energy, so much passion in the performances from a returning band. Fawad was impressed with the coordination of the team and definitely shortlisted them for the next round. Meesha followed suit commenting that their band is extremely strong with a great sense of style and the original song made it even better while Farooq loved the variety of music that the band has been able to showcase the judges. They were selected for the main rounds as well, a strong return.

The show saved the best for last. SARMASTA performed their original song titled ‘Bullah’ and mark our words, it instantly grabbed our attention. The track was soulful with a rhythm that was upbeat, except it ended too soon. Sarmasta received 10/10 from Fawad being second to achieve this target in the first episode. Fawad commented that he wasn’t expecting another band to impress him like Tamaasha did. He added that Sarmasta’s performance has moved him.

Meesha agreed, stating that she loved and enjoyed this original so much. Farooq was of the view that Sarmasta’s original is an instant hit, they should record it and release it. Couldn’t agree more Farooq.

That concludes this eventful episode of PBoB and we hope you loved it as much as I loved watching (and writing) this. Feel free to let us know in the comments section below while in the meantime I sit back, relax and enjoy Tamaasha’s performance again.

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