Pantene Bridal Couture Week 2013 (PBCW): Nadya Mistry

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Nadya Mistry

Pantene Bridal Couture Week 2013 (PBCW): Nadya Mistry

Nadya Mistry is one of Pakistan’s most innovative designers, who has been making momentous fashion waves within the Pakistani fashion industry since 1997 when she launched her design career in Pakistan.

Mistry received a BA in Fashion Designing (Stylisme et Modelisme) from the prestigious

L.I.S.A.A. (LíInstitut Superieur des Arts Appliques), Paris, in 1995. She was selected as one of the top students by a jury headed by design visionary Paco Rabanne. After her graduation she completed two coveted internships – one with Cerruti 1881 in Paris, and the other with Mary McFadden in New York. When she returned to Karachi she embarked on a successful export business of her designs to the UK (London, Manchester and Birmingham). In March 2000 she opened her New Age boutique in Karachi, which was inaugurated by Hon. Giles Bonnaud, the then Consul General for France in Karachi.

Mistry has various labels: the high-end couture label, Nadya Mistry Paris Karachi; the ready-to- wear, Future par Nadya Mistry, the wedding line, Nadya Mistry Bridals and the menswear line, Mistry MAN. She also introduced her hand-woven silk fabric line in 2004 and has now expanded its range by making it available to foreign markets.

With numerous successful fashion shows to her credit including Bride & Groom 2006 in Delhi, Couture 2001, the successful annual ‘Lolita’ presentations and showstopper catwalks in Karachi, Lahore, Dhaka, Paris, London, Houston, Dubai, Moscow and Delhi, she has also appeared regularly in leading fashion glossies and broadcast media. Because of the universal appeal of her creations, Mistry has also had the privilege of dressing local celebrities and pop stars, as well as international icons such as Liz Mitchell of Boney M. Mistry is a palpable presence and a high profile name in the fashion arena.