Pantene Bridal Couture Week 2013 (PBCW): Maliha Sheikh

Maliha Sheikh

Pantene Bridal Couture Week 2013 (PBCW): Maliha Sheikh

Maliha Sheikh started designing jewellery as a hobby but her interest evolved into a full-grown passion when she realized that ‘concept jewellery’ in Pakistan was very limited. In 2010 she began her eponymous label Maliha Shaikh in Karachi and ever since, has been creating fine costume jewellery that taps into her Sindhi heritage as well as the contemporary taste of today’s woman.

She says “Having lived in the USA for over a decade, I realized the value of retaining one’s identity and started using amulets that are indigenous to the South Asian region. I also realized the need for creating jewellery that was affordable and transient. Every piece must make a statement but a woman shouldn’t have to confine herself to the same statement, over and over again.”

Over the years Maliha Shaikh has used Harappan seals, replicas of ancient coins, takhtis, thewas and other iconic charms to create collections that reinvent antiques for modern-day wear. Her vision is to replicate the finesse of precious jewellery into every day, affordable and wearable pieces. She works in silver and 18-carat gold, crafting jewellery with a liberal use of semi-precious stones and materials that are carefully selected and imported from all over the world.  In a short span of time, Shaikh has participated in multiple jewellery exhibitions around the globe, attracting a vast and diverse clientele, which includes high-profile media personalities, film stars, fashionistas and top models. Maliha is also in talks with several A-list designers for customized buttons and brooches that can be incorporated in their upcoming collections.

Maliha Shaikh is making her debut in fashion weeks with the fourth Pantene Bridal Couture Week; her jewellery will be complemented by a customized Sania Maskatiya collection.

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