Pamper yourself this quarantine with these super easy hair, skin and grooming tips: Thank us later!!

In the time when all seems gloomy and you are feeling out of sorts, we would it’s the perfect time to utilize this time for your grooming and enhance your beauty and come out as a dazzling queen when it’s all over. The question arises, how can we do the luscious grooming at our home as we are not that pro?Well, we have to admit at this point that obviously we can’t get the results as of Saloon and Spa but we can fairly maintain ourselves if we want to. It seems that we have to get back to nature and apply strategies and tips we used to do before. A high-time to take a break from loaded makeup products on your skin and let it breathe. Girls can replicate the process they observe in Saloon and attain the required look while being in quarantine.

Start pampering yourself and let’s be more confident about it!

Hair care:

Every girl is conscious about her hair and why not? As it is said that hair is the crown of a woman. So all women should take care of it by all means. If you are in quarantine and Saloons are closed and you badly need haircut or hair treatment then it’s better if you use hair care products at home like herbal oils, leave-in conditioners and masks that would eventually provide necessary nutrition to your hair. So when you get out of your quarantine, you would have healthy hair and get a nice haircut from Saloon. It’s the best time to oil your hair all day and don’t wash it too often.

Skin care:

No need of makeup, heavy coverage or chemicals on your face during quarantine as you are at home and self-isolated. This is the much needed break for your skin and it’s time to make it glow via homemade masks, face oils, cleansing, nourishing and home facials.

Steps for an at-home facial

1.Begin by creating a spa-like atmosphere so your body and face is completely relaxed by playing relaxing music, using a diffuser with an essential oil of your choice or lighting a candle.

2.Next, wash your hands and try a double cleanse for your face, first with an oil cleanser and following up with a soap-based cleanser. If you do not have an oil cleanser, just skip it and wash your face with any cleanser you have.

3.Use witch hazel (if available) to wipe down the face. Witch hazel has been tested and evaluated for various uses: analgesic, antiseptic and antioxidant.

4.Give yourself a pressure point massage to reduce stress

5.Exfoliate with a chemical exfoliator. I recommend using an exfoliator with alpha and beta hydroxy acids as they will kill the bacteria and hydrate at the same time.

6.Wash your face and pat dry.

7.Apply a facial serum.

8.Use any sheet mask (if you don’t have any, refer to homemade ones below).

9.Hydrate with a light moisturiser.

10.Apply eye cream.

11.Protect with facial sunscreen if you’re stepping out.


Don’t know how to apply wax yourself on your body? Don’t need to worry, as wax strips are easily available in the market and you can use it to maintain your hygiene and make your body hairless.


Manicure and pedicure can easily be done at home and the results are close to the Spa ones. As we all have ample of time for ourselves and can take time out easily to do some home-made treatments. Here is the method by which you can get flawless hands and feet in no time;

Fill a small bathing tub with warm water, add few drops of shampoo, lemon juice or vinegar and salt. …

Remove existing nail polish, if any.

Cut, trim and buff your nails.

File your heels.

Soak your feet in warm water. …

Clean it with towel and push cuticles.

Gently remove dirt from each nail.

Massage for 5-10 minutes.

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