Pakistan’s Government says “no” to celebrities?? No more Ramzan transmission?

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We have been witnessing our ace celebrities hosting and conducting Ramzan Transmissions from years now and we have somewhat accustomed ourselves of the fact that this is how it ought to be. But it seems like our government has some different stance regarding to the issue as they have moved the resolution that is against this norm and demanded a ban on celebrities that don’t have religious knowledge and also the scholars who lack wisdom in Islamic Info! 

We are just wondering what would happen if they replace the host just at the eleventh hour, as the promotions and trailers of these shows are on air! We would appreciate the step towards the betterment of media but it should have been passed a month ago so that channels can cope up with the situations without getting to encounter much of the loss! 

PA resolution aims to convince Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) to ban these popular faces from the media industry to feature in Ramazan transmissions. PEMRA has yet to release a statement about the matter. 

PEMRA has not taken any initiative till now regarding the matter but it is under consideration for sure as it is passed by Punjab assembly and can’t be taken granted!