Pakistan’s first digital NGO

CHAAP is Pakistan’s first digital NGO. It was founded by a group of women, all of whom sought to work together towards a common goal­­­ ­­- to empower and support women, irrespective of their educational, social or cultural background.

CHAAP is now set to commence Pakistan’s first-ever self-defense virtual seminar with the goal to have far-reaching benefits for women who cannot access in-person training.

The primary focus of this CHAAPINAR is to make women feel more in control of their safety, and to effectively escape any threat of being attacked in home and in public areas.

In recent years, the social environment has become increasingly unsafe for women outside and even inside their homes, making self-defense a necessary skill one should have in order to reclaim public spaces for women once again.  

This is a long overdue and increasingly crucial initiative undertaken by Chaap, meant to teach women basic self-defense strategies so as to empower them to defend themselves, regardless of the situation.

Women’s self-defense classes are geared towards preventing women from becoming victims. Knowing how to defend themselves gives women a better chance of lessening and even stopping attacks against them in the future.

The self-defense classes offered by CHAAP foundation has provided an opportunity for young girls and women of all ages from any and all geographical and socio-economic backgrounds to take charge of their own protection in a time when every day, we come across numerous horrifying stories and headlines about women facing sexual abuse by a stranger or being molested by a known or a family figure.

CHAAPINAR will provide women with the functional strategies, techniques and training methods that can help them stop any attacker intent on hurting them. This will give them the security and confidence that they need to protect themselves in case of any undue circumstances.

With the situation of Pakistan becoming increasingly unsafe every day, it becomes more necessary than ever before to have such a platform where women can learn to take agency, gain independence and the confidence they need to protect themselves in any dangerous or threatening situation.

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