Pakistani OSTs are prototypical: Sharing the list of coming up drama’s OST for a proof!

Celebrated as the best drama Industry, not only in Pakistan but also worldwide, has established a norm to showcase the true side of society in the most realistic way possible. The script, storyline and the characters are prestigious in every regard as they have definite potential to bring forth the character as it ought to be. Exhilarating in the finest craft and predominantly marked their stature to the top, Pakistani Dramas are also overawed and appreciated well in term of respective OSTs. While we are focusing on the soundtrack of dramas, it should be highlighted too that it has always given special attention as most of the summary can be perceived through melodious lyrical music.

Here is the list of upcoming dramas with their exclusive OSTs that has further attracted us towards the storyline and the characters excelling in their acting skills.

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi:

Sami khan touched the strings of our hearts by his soulful voice that makes us all hmmm to the music. The drama has itself dazzled us completely allotted to the stupendous acting performed by the talented actors and flawless storyline.


Rejoicing the melodious voice of ace singer Farhan Saeed, Aagaan has grabbed our attention due to its magnificent period drama vibes but what made us fall in love with it further more is the OST Hari Hari that has brought back the essence of old times.


Saba qamar is acing high via her astonishing acting skills and creating awareness in the women about their rights. The OST explains the bitter realities of society with such conviction and the voice of Asrar totally illustrates the need to speak up and face the truth. The amazing transition of music from slow to fast version has engulfed our spine.

Juda Na Huna:

Resonating with the basic concept of the drama,”Juda na Huna” has the sadness and dismissal edge to its music composition and melody sang by winer of surakshetra Nabeel Shaukat Ali with utter passion and zeal. The sound track definitely compels us to put this on repeat and feel the deep thoughts hidden!

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