Pakistani celebrities saddened over brutality in Kashmir!

IOK is under extreme brutality and violence since one year, Pakistani celebrities have been raising their voices against the hideous behavior by Indian forces on unarmed civilians in Kashmir. Lately, an image has been circulating on social media in which a grandfather had been murdered by Indian forces in front of his three years grand-child. It surely depicts the barbarism pulled off in the region and making it a hell. The numbing pain was felt by all those who believe in humanity everywhere in the world. Kashmiris are suffering the lockdown, violence and killings for many years now & Pakistanis are understandably outraged and devastated. Pertaining to the on-going situation in Kashmir, Pakistani celebrities stepped forward and raised their voices for people of Kashmir and urged UNO to take necessary step to stop these atrocities in the land of paradise. Every time we see these images on social media, we cry tears of blood as it is unbearable and inhumane.

Here are the celebrities supporting Kashmiris and condemning the brutal act of Indian forces;

Mehwish Hayat lately took to her twitter and aghast by the image from Kashmir. She has always been vocal about any injustice prevailing in the society and never shied away from expressing her views;

If this doesn’t move you Idk what will.  How can the world stand by quietly& allow Indian Forces to act with such impunity &get away with this aggression against innocent ppl of #Kashmir. How much longer are we going 2 turns a blind eye? This has to stop.Kashmiri lives also matter! Hamza Ali Abbasi showed his concern regarding the matter and saddened over this heart-wrenching image straight from Kashmir.

Prime Minister Imran Khan showed his grief over this heart breaking click and solemnly condemns the ruthless act of Indian authorities.

First India’s attempt at illegal annexation of IOJK & now its attempts to alter IOJK’s demographic structure incl by issuance of domicile certificates to 25,000 Indian nationals are all illegal, in violation of UNSC resolutions & international law, incl 4th Geneva Convention.

Armeena Khan also shared a heartfelt frame on her tweet with resonating caption along with hashtag #kashmirlivesmatter!

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