Pakistani celebrities raised their voices against ruthlessness in Kashmir on 5th February KASHMIR DAY!

Today we are observing Kashmir day, a day that reminds us of the atrocities and violence happening on innocent people of Kashmir by Indian higher authorities for years. Last year, article 370 had been removed from India’s constitution and resultingly the Indian army occupied Kashmir. Confined them in the region and Kashmir has witnessed a spear in violent protests and militant attacks in recent years. Indian security forces have often used excessive force to respond to protests, including using pellet-firing shotguns as a crowd-control weapon, even though they have caused a large number of protester deaths and injuries. Pakistan stands besides Kashmir and raised voice globally against the injustice and brutality happening in the region by Indian army.

Here are our Pakistani celebrities including prime Minister showed solidarity with Kashmiris against the violent act and reinstallation of basic human rights.

Mahira Khan:

Never stays back in portraying her stance on national and international issues,our stunning actress Mahira Khan showed her support for Kashmir in her recent tweet.

Aijaz Aslam:

Aijaz Aslam being patriotic took part in Solidarity march for Kashmir and raised his voice along with other artists to restore the human rights in Kashmir region.

Imran Khan:

Always supported and enlightened the issue at international level, PM Imran Khan has taken to his social media and accentuated the basic rights of IOK. The brutality and atrocities taking place at the region of paradise is a question mark on UN’s performance.

Hamza Ali Abbasi:

Hamza Ali Abbasi has showcased his stance regarding injustice in Kashmir and used his strong social media presence to highlight the matter at every level.

Humayun Saeed:

Humayun saeed is an ace actor and one of our legends in terms of his skills and talents. He has also showed solidarity with Kashmir and took to his social media to illustrate his thoughts.

Mansha Pasha:

Recently engaged actress Mansha Pasha has a keen eye on the current issues and never feels reluctant in expressing her views.

Minal Khan:

Minal Khan took to her Instagram and showed her solidarity with stranded Kashmiris for past few months and going through a lot of pain.

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