Pakistani celebrities praising the bravery of policemen who defended KSE!!

Four terrorists attacked the Karachi Stock Exchange yesterday and tried to enter the building with malicious intentions. However, the terrorists have been killed by Policemen of the building and secured everyone from the big loss. Resultingly, 3 policemen were martyred while Two constables named Muhammad Rafiq and Khalil, deputed at the PSX played a pivotal role in neutralizing the attackers. Prime Minister Imran khan also praised the valor and bravery of those policemen and also he valiantly asserted that India can be behind the planning of this terrorist act. Social media has been lauding the bravery of policemen since then and admiring their efforts in securing the building by putting their loves at stake. Many ace celebrities praised and appreciated the bravery of Policemen through their social media platforms and portrayed their views regarding the matter.

This is what our Prime inister have to say;

Hamza Ali Abbasi shared the pictures of policemen with the resonating caption incorporated with praises; ” Allah ka shukkar (By the grace of God) the attack was foiled in under 8 mins,” Hamza wrote as he shared a picture of the tow policemen. He went on saying on another post.

What a resilient nation we have become…. So happy and proud to know tht even during the attack on KSE, the traders decided not to stop trading even for a second. May Allah bless the shaheeds & those who defended us. Dil Se Dua❤️

Mahira Khan also explicitly lauded the policemen in her tweet by a clap emoji!

Singer Farhan Saeed also posted related to the matter and appreciates the bravery by the policemen and how they protected the building without caring about their lives;

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