Pakistani celebrities’ new obsessions: Lets delve into their contemporary fondness!!

Ever wonder why we are so prone to know more about our top-notch celebrities and take keen interest in knowing their contemporary activities? Well, that’s because we idealize their certain personality aspects and try to indulge them in our persona utterly. Pakistani celebrities have always been following latest trends and creative activities that surely make us all adrenaline charged as well. Whether it be exotic travelling destinations or sports, these celebrities illustrate us the right way to celebrate each obsession with epitome of opulence. Adorned by flamboyant style statements and accentuating the true essence of their aura, we have a lot of reasons to idealize them.

Here, we have seen many celebrities’ inclination towards specific style, passion or activity via their social media platforms.

Feroze Khan new love:

Talented actor Feroze khan has been seen lately riding horses and relishing every bit of it. He took to his twitter to portray his love for horses and how much he loves riding them. He unfolds his passion and we are in awe to see his that adventurous side.

Momina Mustehsan hair looks:

Momina Mustehsan has always gotten our attention by his soulful singing but another aspect of her always gain our attention which is her ever changing hair looks. For quite a long time, the lady kept all red hair which suits her a lot but nowadays she has gone all blonde, probably her new obsession!

Celebrities PSL 2020 fever:

It seems like Pakistani celebrities are all excited to attend exhilarating cricket matches of PSL 2020 in Pakistan. They took to their social media and shared their feelings regarding the gigantic tournament. The opening ceremony would be comprised of 350 performing artists and it’s going to be the biggest event in Pakistani sports arena.

Actresses flaunting saree:

Saree can never go out of fashion and as the winter season has come to the end, many celebrities are cherishing spring season by pulling off chiffon and net sarees at their private events. From Mahira Khan to Iqra Aziz, many actresses have taken the saree hues to ultimate perfection.

Minal Khan travels:

Minal Khan has been travelling for past 3 to 4 months to the most stupendous travel destinations. Her Instagram says it all, she is wholly obsessed with travelling and leave no stone unturned in exploring happening places of the world. She recently went to Europe tour and soon after that she went to Egypt with her family.