Pakistani celebrities best skin care routines you should follow for flawless dewy skin!

Summers are at their peak nowadays and women are concerned about their skin care routine to beat the scorching heat. In addition to make your skin glow and soft, it is mandatory to follow certain tips to prevent your skin from damage and blemishes. Breakouts, pimples and oily skin is normal in summers and there are simple ways to deal with it. As we are in lockdown situation, it is high time to pamper ourselves and use this ample time in a productive manner. To get inspiration, you can follow some of the amazing tips by Pakistani celebrities because it’s just not makeup that does the magic, it’s skin care routine that matters. We all look up to celebrities for inspiration be it for beauty, fitness or general lifestyle. It is a common misconception that these celebrities look good only after applying tones of makeup, this is not true, many of them take really good care of their health, skin and hair. We are going to enlist some of the beauty secrets by stunning divas of our industry that you can definitely steal!

Ayesha Omer:

The ultimate beauty secret of her is that she remains positive and don’t envy from people around. However, in her diet she use extra virgin coconut oil to remain fit & cooks her food in it. It protects and heals the skin from inside to outside and its antioxidant properties delay the signs of ageing giving Ayesha’s skin a healthy glow!

Hina Altaf:

Moisturizing your skin right even in summers is quite essential and that’s what she believes in. Hina said that she applies a lot of moisturizer on her face before makeup that keeps her skin fresh and pimple free.

Saba Qamar:

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Saba Qamar takes care of her hands and feet by applying caster oil and glycerin on them every night that keep them soft and dewy

Armeena Khan:

Armeena Khan has amazing skin and here is the reason why! She applies sunscreen all day long and keeps herself hydrated.

Mahira Khan:

Mahira Khan made a tutorial in which she revealed her Grandma’s skin care totka that worked wonders for her. Making a mixture of honey and lemon and applying it on the face can cleanse the skin and also get rid of the sun tan.

Nadia Hussain:

Besides being an ace model and actress, she is an astounding skin expert and shared A BEAUTY FACEMASK that incorporates disprin tablets with water.

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