Pakistani Artistes showing distress regarding Javed Akhtar not attending Arts council!

Recently, Javed Akhtar took to Twitter to reveal that he won’t be attending a literary event being organised in Pakistan by the Karachi Arts Council. His statement came after the Pulwama terror attack, in which many CRPF personnel lost their lives. Now, Pakistani artistes are showing disappointment that Javed Akhtar and Shabana Azmi have decided to skip the event.

Ahmed Shah, the president of the Karachi Art Council expressed his regret over comments made by Javed. Shah was quoted as saying, “His (Javed Akhtar) comments do not seem appropriate for a literary person”. After the attack, Shabana had said that she feels “weakened” in her belief that a people-to-people contact can force the establishment to do the right thing. Ahmed Shah also expressed his concern over Shabana’s statement. He said, “I don’t criticise her but we deeply feel saddened the way she had expressed disappointment after the Pulwama attack”.

The couple, who decided not to attend Kaifi Azmi’s birth centenary in Karachi, was invited by Karachi Arts Council for a two-day event. Javed Akhtar then Tweeted, “Karachi art council had invited Shabana and me for a two day lit conference about Kaifi Azmi and his poetry. We have cancelled that . In 1965 during the Indo Pak war, Kaifi saheb had written a poem. “AUR PHIR KRISHAN NE ARJUN SE KAHA”.

Pakistani cinema theatre owners, exhibitors, and distributors fear their business would take a hit as they expect a strong reaction from the Indian cinema industry. Nadeem Mandiwalla, an importer, distributor and exhibitor of Indian films who owns a cineplex in Karachi and other cities told the news agency, “The way things are going, I fear very soon we will be seeing the Indian film industry also stop the export of their films to Pakistani distributors like it happened a few years back”

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