Painting Love, Joy & Hope

By Marian Sharaf Joseph

Tom Hanks once said on a late night show, “My idea of a happy family is a closely knitted family living in another town.” Just the notion of a closely knitted family in another town sounds comforting. But when Christmas comes to town, I am overwhelmed with nostalgia. For some odd reason, I want to make the best of each Christmas (trying to kill the little insecurity about the unpredictable future). Family reunion does not begin with Christmas Turkey Dinner. It begins with paint.

Last minute painting at home is the worst decision one can make. But I have seen my family and friends repeating the same mistake every year at Christmas. “What to do? We’re trying to manage everything like an octopus; home, work, kids and Christmas. In my family, we prefer painting the house on our own. It helps build the Christmassy feeling at home, but the only time we get is about a few days before Christmas,” said Magdalene Blazey a friend. Knowing that our routine becomes extra hectic during the holiday season the best is to opt for paint that is authentic in quality and long lasting such as Master Paints. Many of us opt for paint that’s comparatively cheaper, having the notion that the house will need repainting next year anyway. But if you go for good quality paint, it’s for sure that the paint will last for Christmases to come.

Paint is an essential part of the holiday season. It adds vigor to the spirit of Christmas. This is the only time of the year when you can dare to go bold. Be dramatic. “The preparations for Christmas begin with painting the house. That’s a must. Unless the house isn’t painted, it gets confusing how to go about the décor and design matching the seasonal colors,” said Michelle W. When choosing a paint color for your house, remember once the holiday season is over, you might not like the stark yellows, reds and blues on your wall. Its best to choose focus wall, go for shades of purple, green, blue or yellow. Keep red for the Christmas ornaments.  Remember painting the house together on Christmas is a way of dwelling Love, Joy and Hope. It brings the family together, just like decorating the tree and baking does.

Purple is the color of Advent. It depicts peace and serenity. Paint the focus wall of your living room in shade of Purple to promote peace and harmony. Since that’s the room where the family gathers, create a warm feel about it so even your aunt’s aunt feels well-connected. Place the tree against it and just see how the lights reflect like a long distant ocean – liner. Choose dark blue celling for bedroom, an ode to Silent Night, studded with glowing stars across the surface. Blue such as Master Paints Midnight Blue feels like the colors have been extracted straight from the starry sky. Blue is especially suggested for children’s bedroom. And a dark blue ceiling with glow-stars for Christmas would certain add fun to bed time. “I prefer yellow on featured wall for bed room,” said Naintara Khan, an inspiring designer continuing, “But when Christmas is around, indulge in mango yellow for kitchen. It’s inviting, warm and promotes nourishment. The closest to Mango yellow would be Basanti from their color palette.”

To dwell in true love, throw dash of red here and there. You already have it in the Holly & the Ivy. Combine it with dark green such as Spring Leaf to harmonize the spirit of Christmas. Remember, good quality paint will not take up your budget every year. Thus, you’ll have enough to spend next time. Paint Love, Joy and Hope because even if your closely knitted family lives in another town, you’ll have enough good memories to dwell on till you meet for Christmas again.

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