Our Favourite Urwa Hocane is Back on Television with a Bang!

Time and time again Urwa Hocane has stunned us with her incredible talents. Starting her career as a VJ, Urwa rose to fame at an early age and since has managed to become a household name. Stirring from television to silver screen, Urwa Hocane received critical acclaim for her acting skills in 2014 romantic comedy Na Maloon Afrad. Showcasing her remarkable skills as an actor, Urwa Hocane transitioned into the world of production and announced her first project as a producer with Tich Button in 2019.

 Making her return to television after four years, Urwa recently expressed her excitement via Twitter for her latest project Mushk, currently airing on HUMTV.  Starring opposite the very talented Imran Ashraf, Urwa also shared her gratitude towards the efforts and love of the entire team.

Witten by Imran Ashraf himself, Mushk is quickly becoming the talk of the town. The first episode of the television series was received quite well among the audience. Urwa Hocane’s character Guddi, has started receiving acclaim for her skilful portrayal of a headstrong, lively girl. Reluctantly becoming entangled in a sensitive secret, Guddi tries her best to sail her way through the challenges.

Fond of looking her best at all times, Guddi struggles with her new identity as she is now required to put on a simpler demeanour in order to conceal the truth. 

We have seen Urwa Hocane in many roles ranging from a gullible damsel as Durdana in Na Maloom Afrad to her strong portrayal of a girl subjected to forced marriage as Nayab in Marasim. Watching her portray the character of Guddi with such fineness and skill is a not only impressive but incredibly entertaining as well. However, her immaculate acting skills in drama Udaari work wonders and attained our attention. As per her recent post on Instagram, Urwa Hocane had been working for more than 15 hours filming the last episode;  it is truly inspiring to witness such dedication, passion and creativity. We wish the entire team of Mushk all the very best.

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