How Online Shopping is Affecting Small Businesses

Online shopping has captured the market up to a point of replacing the conventional shopping ways. The major reason behind the shift is the feasibility it provides to both the sellers and buyers. There was a time when owning a business used to be a great deal as it involved a lot of expenditures such as capital and resources. Nowadays, it isn’t as complicated as it used to be because one doesn’t have to worry about capital anymore. There are a lot of shopping cart platforms where one can start a business from scratch. However, the online shopping, sometimes, have a negative impact on small businesses. Let’s have a look at both the aspects and reach a conclusion.

How Online Shopping Influences Small Businesses?

Do you have resources to manufacture a product but lack the capital to own a shop? Such worries have been eliminated by the online shopping cart platforms. The Customer-to-Customer (C2C) business is an amazing way of earning a handsome amount of profit without doing much of expenditure. It costs retailers much less than physical stores as there is no cost of capital involved. The platforms like Amazon and AliExpress serve as a medium between the customer and sellers. These sources charge a commission that isn’t heavy on the wallet of a new businessman. What is more, the time boundless opportunity of taking orders is yet another amazing feature online shopping blesses a retailer with. The computation advancement has eased the process up to a point where he can accept an order even when he’s asleep.

Apart from benefitting sellers, it also eases the buying process for a customer. He can shop at anytime from anywhere at all, which, in turn, contributes to increasing the overall sales volume. In Pakistan, Yayvo and GetNow are working on the same model of mutual benefit of buyers and sellers. Moreover, the seller gets to save the amount of advertisement, too. The social media platforms are all set to take the pain of advertisement for retailers and do the job better than conventional methods.

What are the Negative Impacts of Online Shopping on Small Businesses?

The C2C business is so common that it has become problematic for the small business owners to run their shops. The ever enhancing online shopping trend forces a seller to use the medium to attract the potential customers. Since a huge amount of today’s buyers prefer buying from the web due to feasibility and convenience, running a small firm or a shop has become a real challenge. Even if someone owns enough capital for business, he might switch to the shopping cart platforms or launch his own web store.

Other than that, most of the online stores offer an easy return and exchange policy. Some platforms even allow the customers to check the product upon receiving and return it right then and there if the item is faulty. This makes it easy for buyers to make a buying decision. On the contrary, it has a negative impact on the seller’s business. Sometimes, the item isn’t worthy of exchange, but the customer demands it. When the number of such buyers increases, it’s a hell of a challenge to manage them all.

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