Omar Mansoor LFW A/W 16 L’art Vivante (Living work of art)

Omar Mansoor returns with his 11th collection at LFW featuring couture gowns inspired by Marchesa Casati, who was an Italian heiress, muse, and patroness of the arts in early 20th-century Europe known for her eccentricities.
A celebrity and femme fatale, the Marchesa’s famous eccentricities dominated and delighted European society for nearly three decades. As the concept of dandy was expanded to include women, Marchesa Casati fitted the utmost female example by saying: “I want to be a living work of art”.

Models wearing eye masks symbolizes Venetian Carnival, as Marchesa Casati  set up residence on grand canal in Venice in 1910 and known for her soirees.

Omar picks up the contrasting combination of Pewter and Gold colors. The collection features full size ball gowns and knee length dresses made up of Koya Silks, Crepe Silks and Velvet.

Three of the key items of the collection are made of hand woven koya silk. Koya ( Cocoon in Urdu) is a movement headed by veteran Pakistani designer Maheen Khan. The Koya initiative that actually inspires to revive, re-introduce and even rehabilitate the dying craft of hand woven fabric. It aims to provide sustainable solutions to a group of artisans, living mostly in Karachi’s Banaras Colony, through creative consultation and pattern guidance to breathe new life into this dying craft.

By combining hand woven fabric alongside modern fabrics, Omar creates an elegant look for a woman, who embodies the jauntiness, gaiety and grandeur.

Footwear: Lucy Choi London
Concept and Styling: Edita Lozovoska
Photography: Shahid Malik
PR: Enigme Internationale