Omair Rana finally opened about harassment allegations on him!

Actor Omair Rana gained immense popularity because of his peculiar character in drama Pyar key Sadqey as Sarwar. But earlier this month, his fame shadowed by the allegations on him, when Omair was accused of alleged sexual misconduct when students of LGS 1A1 — where he taught drama class — started coming out with stories of sexual harassment involving certain teachers. The teachers and staff accused of this hideous act are suspended including Omair’ wife (who was part of school administration) and Rubina Shakil for turning a blind eye to the harassment cases brought before them.

The actor finally broke his silence on the matter and took to his twitter to showcase his side;

… for the vindication of my constitutional and human rights and to protect myself. For those who publish and fail to remove libelous material against me with an unconditional apology to me I will be approaching FIA under the prevention of electronic crimes act.

The actor is adamant to take necessary legal steps against those who are accusing him without any proof and ruining his reputation.

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