Nomi Ansari – PFDC L’Oréal Paris Bridal Week 2013

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“PFDC is the first and premiere fashion body of Pakistan, L’Oréal is a world renowned beauty brand, with these at the center of this event, it is a wonderful opportunity to participate. I have always supported progressive fashion and if competent bodies like PFDC and big brands like L’Oréal Paris keep coming together, we will have a perfect marriage of fashion and style.”

Nomi Ansari will be showcasing a bridal collection titled ‘Rang Mahal’ at PFDC L’Oréal Paris Bridal Week 2013. The collection draws inspiration from the post-partition era, the cultural heritage influence that has its shadows in our sense of dressing and style to this day, which serves a reminder of the lavish era the sub-continent has witnessed over the years. The collection features timeless pieces which can only be described as being majestic, ethereal and melancholic, carrying the glory of the past in its elaborate pure and pristine ensembles. ‘Rang Mahal’ is a perfect marriage of the old and contemporary, the known and the forgotten, a celebration of style meticulously crafted in hand woven fabrics and rare embroidery techniques and packaged in a vibrant, colourful fashion. With hand woven and printed fabrics that are especially commissioned to local craftsmen, the collection follows the age-old techniques of weaving brocade, luxury silk and cotton weaves, with cuts that are a mix of old and new silhouettes such as contemporary cuts with skirts, lucknow cuts and churidars. The colour palette is signature Nomi Ansari and features bright and muted hues, pastels and rich traditional bridal colours including acid greens, scarlets, ivories, corals and predominantly rani pink. Other tones relevant to traditional celebratory events such as ochres, saffron and canary amalgamating with shades of aqua, sapphire and turquoise have also been incorporated into the bridal ensembles. ‘Rang Mahal’ will also feature men’s wear in a mix of traditional and contemporary groom’s wear that is a fun mix of vests, achkans and kurtas in a diversity of dynamic colours that depart from the traditional colour palette.

Nomi Ansari emerged on the scene in 2001 after graduating from the prestigious PIFD. In under a decade, the Nomi Ansari brand has become one of the most sought-after labels in Pakistan with acclaimed awards i.e. Indus Style Award for Most Stylish Designer 2008 & HUM TV Style Award for Best Women’s Wear Designer 2013. From the moment he arrived, Nomi Ansari caught the public’s attention with his ultra-vibrant palette, with fun & funky clothes, and at the same time had a distinctly ethnic touch that appealed to tastes from across the spectrum. It is an appeal that he has consistently maintained. Today, his highly inventive colour combinations and detailed craftsmanship with intricate embellishments have become his signature style. In 2006, Nomi Ansari launched his prêt line, DNA, which shared the core traits of his hallmark brilliance but made it accessible to a much wider audience. DNA embodies a multitude of different styles, catering to people of diverse aesthetics and fashion sensibilities with equal ease. Nomi Ansari’s collections are available in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Dubai, Chicago, and Singapore.