New eatery in town “Moocs” dazzled us in terms of taste and scintillating ambiance: An unforgettable experience in fine-dining!

Solemnly addicted to the luscious and succulent cuisines, we have been inclined to opt for the café that serves exceptional range of cuisines accentuated with adorned ambiance. Not so many cafes and restaurants gained our praises but the newly opened continental fine dining-oriented restaurant “Moocs” has presented immaculate work of art in food delights. From scrumptious food items to delectable dense desserts, we have experienced a roller coaster of heavenly and divine cuisines that we have devoured. Nestled in the heart of Gulberg, MM Alam Road, the place has luxurious outdoor and indoor sittings that corresponds with the contemporary season. Quite mesmerized by the aromatic dishes, we have delved into the realm of flavors.

Heavenly food served:

Started off our romantic journey of piquant and savory nouvelle cuisines, Moocs served us with peculiar delicious prawns garnished with beguiling sauce and captivating taste in appetizers worth rs.900. A tangy flavored prawn has been presented in the best way. After embracing every bit of it’s flavor, we have been served with the most anticipated main course that included Polo Meditteraneo, Chicken Fajita Pizza and T-Bone steak (their must-try enticing dish)

Polo Meditteraneo:

If you are sheerly obsessed with spicy chicken fillets along with sone saucy pasta to go with, then this mesmerizing cuisine is all you need to order. As it inculcates beneficial herbs adorned with spices and toothsome pasta that has given it a distinctive edge.

Chicken Fajita Pizza:

As we are quite sensitive when it comes to Pizza, it seems like the restaurant has done justice to the Italian cuisine for sure. Cooked in different herbs and enriched with delicious cheese to go with. It has fabricated the true essence of pizza worth Rs.770!

T-bone Steak:

One of the chef’s best creation and house specials, T-bone steak is worth having when it comes to fine-dining.Served with sautéed vegetables, special sauces and alluring flavors. The best steak in town, if you are beef steak lover then it’s a must-pick!

Ambiance! Lived up to expectations?

How can we overlook the restaurant’s premises and ambiance when we are talking about fine-dining experience? Moocs curates perfect comfortable setting for families predominantly. Lighting can be improvised as it may not be suitable for instagrammers. Apart from that, everything is well-crafted and finely executed.

Dived into the flavorsome desserts:

Last but fairly not the least, highly enjoyable dense desserts served with enthralling presentation. We utterly loved the cheesy bites of fresh cheese cake slice and sugar encrusted chocolate fudge cake.


In an era, where it is hard to find a place to have taste and decorum at the same time, Moocs is surely a blessing for all the food lovers and we definitely recommend it to people who devoured their meals like they mean it.

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