Never have we ever known most of his personal traumas: Affan Waheed shared for the first time!

Affan Waheed has gone through intense depression after his divorce and one year of marriage. For the first time in his career he has shared his personal trauma to the people in his recent interview with Samina peerzada where he admitted that it was the difficult part of his life and his friends and family helped him to cope up with the life threatening condition known as depressions and also stated that depression is as real as breathing! 

Renowned for his romantic acting and one of the finest actors in the industry, Affan waheed has loved the most for his Badar character in his recent hit drama Do Bol owing to his astonishing acting skills and curating the perfect craft to excel in making it legendary. 

Here is what he said about the trauma he had been through and accentuated the idea of going to the doctor if someone needs help while going through depression as it is deadly! 

“I thought my life would end; I used to lock my door and howl, go out for drives and cry out loud. I was so depressed that even I was unable to understand what was happening to me. I suffered from extreme hair loss, I denied work for almost nine months, “When I finally got divorced and snapped out of it, I clearly remember the feeling of happiness; it felt as if somebody actually painted colours in a black and white picture. It was a bad divorce,”

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