Ness Wadia is a gentleman: Saif Ali Khan

Mumbai: Saif Ali Khan will be seen playing a triple role in his upcoming movie Humshakals. Prior to the movie’s June 20th release, the actor gives insights into his role in the movie, director Sajid and the recent Preity-Ness scandal.

Working with Sajid
“It was wonderful working with Sajid. If the scenes are not working he’ll say, ‘Mazza nahi aa raha hai,’ and would keep frowning. Everything that Sajid directs has to be larger than life and we have to do every scene differently. He writes something in the script and by the time we are on the sets everything is changed. I would ask him not to give any narration before-hand as it would definitely change later.”

On Humshakals
“Experimenting with this kind of comedy is not easy. Humshakals was difficult because I had to don three roles together. Normal roles do not excite or interest Sajid; he is always on the look out for something different and his safer zone is this type of comedy.”

On immitating actors
Saif would be seen mimicking different actors in the movie including his father-in-law. He says, “Sajid made us mimic all the big stars and it was difficult as I am not good at it. I just imitated what Sajid did. I have still not informed my father-in-law about having imitated him in the film.”

Saif, the woman
“Though it was fun to play a female role, I must say that it wasn’t so easy. We were all trying to look wonderful. Out of all of us, Riteish’s look is amazing. I didn’t tone my body and look like a funny muscular guy in a bikini. It was fun until we had to dance wearing heels. I fail to understand how girls do it.”

On sex comedy
“I don’t mind producing or acting in ‘sex comedy’ films provided the script is funny and not ‘vulgar’.”

On The Preity-Ness incident
“I am saddened by what has happened between my good friends, actress Preity Zinta and industrialist Ness Wadia. I hope things are sorted out between them. I am friends with both (Preity and Ness). I went to school with Ness and from what I know of him, he is a gentleman and a wonderful guy.

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