Neha Sharma, ‘Not planing career’

Neha Sharma

Looks like the crook actress has learned it the hard way that bollywood is not easy and is not for everyone!

The actress says that hard work does not really ensure success. After her debut film Crook bombed at the box office, the actress stopped trying to plan her career.

“I have stopped planning. I planned for my first film Crook – that it would be a smash hit and I would be an overnight sensation. You know how newcomers are, they live in this whole fairytale, like, ‘Oh my God, everything’s going to be so good and perfect.’ When the film didn’t do well, I realised I should stop judging and planning, and that all that happens is for the best. Success or failure is a part of life. So I am getting used to all that. I am not planning as such, that I am going to do 20 films, do this or that kind of role. Whatever happens, I’ll go with the flow,” she says.

Neha said she always wanted to be a fashion designer

“I always wanted to be a fashion designer, for as long as I can think of. Acting happened by chance, so I call it beginner’s luck, actually. I am planning to carry on for as long as I can,” Neha says.

But still Neha wishes to carry on in bollywood for as long as possible.

“I have done six films, and so far what I have understood is that if you are not from a film family, you are not going to have everything arranged on a platter for you. You will have to strive for success, strive for every film and fight for another opportunity. Each time your film fails, the struggle is going to be there. I don’t think anybody looks at a failed film and says, ‘Oh the girl was really talented’. It doesn’t really matter how talented you are or how good an actor you are. I have understood this over the years. A hit film is always a good film. That’s something I believe in,”

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