Nargis Fakhri sizzled the ramp yet again as she walked for designers Pankaj & Nidhi as the showstopper at the Blenders Pride Fashion Tour, 2014

She walked onto the ramp with  grace but it was only after the screens turned black with just Nargis Fakhri written on them, did cellphone cameras go off to oohs and aahs from the crowd. And Nargis was every bit the cheerful actress that she’s known to be.

She started with a joke. “Oh! I have to say now, that I love Hyderabad and I love biryani. Eating biryani right before walking the ramp makes it true, right,” she says, and has everyone laughing.


A favourite of many designers, are they all just a call away from her when she needs dresses? “Well, thankfully I have a stylist and she’s just a call away,” she says.

Nargis, who was recently seen traveling with all her Instagram posts says, “I had actually gone for a magazine photo shoot. Since my mother is from the Czech Republic, I decided to visit and drove there from Budapest. But yes, you could say I’m a travel buff. My favourite spots are Greece, Australia and New Zealand,” she says.

From travel to her journey in movies, we ask her about her upcoming projects and Hollywood films. “No Hollywood projects for now but I have two Bollywood films that I’m going to start working on, next year. I’ll let the producers make the announcement,” she says.

Do we see her venturing into Tollywood anytime soon? “I wouldn’t actually mind. I believe we live only once, so might just give it a try if I’m approached for one,” she says.

Does she know about any T’town stars? “I don’t actually know their names but I’m sure when I see them, I’ll recognise them.” We prompt her with Mahesh Babu and Rana Daggubati’s names and she says, “Oh yes, I think they are the two people I actually know.”

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