Nahara Collection at ‘Eid in the Square’ Fashion Show

Nahara designs are contemporary and minimalist, with prints and patterns inspired by art and design from around the Muslim world.
Based in the vibrant East End of London, Nahara brings together urban British style and traditional Islamic art. Taking inspiration from cultural themes in urban societies, working with contemporary artists, and exploring ancient textile skills from around the world, Nahara experiments with ideas around tradition and modernity.  Each collection uses beautiful, high quality fabric and creates modest, fluid cuts.
The search for personal and collective identity can be seen in a meaningful pattern, a hand woven textile, or in the shape and fall of a garment. Nahara allows a woman to be modern, urban and spiritual; to be connected to her past, while living in the present. Nahara was created to allow women to express the individuality and richness of their identity without compromising on style.
Nahara was created in London in 2013 by Dr Sonya Ahmed. Born in Libya to Bangladeshi parents, growing up in Tripoli and in Manchester, Sonya now lives in London and works as a doctor. As a trustee for a medical charity, Sonya had the opportunity to make short trips in Asia and Africa. Her experiences during these trips – meeting wonderful people working hard to improve their communities, seeing breath-taking traditional art and architecture – inspired her to create Nahara as a platform to showcase the beauty of traditional art in a contemporary context.