Mushk Kaleem schooled Iman Aly for her insensitive comments on models!

As one of the most promising models on Pakistani fashion realm, Musk Kaleem has stand out from the rest owing to her exquisite aura and blunt opinion. She is currently having live sessions with top-notch celebrities of Pakistan during these grim times and trying to keep people entertained. Mushk Kaleem lately reacted to model Iman Aly’s coments for contemporary models in her recent interview. She seems to be offended by the comments and responded back in an unapologetic manner on her Instagram!

Iman Aly revealed in her interview with Iffat regarding the communication skills and personalities of today’s models;

“I think it back in the day being intelligent was a part of being a model,” Iman shared. “But if you look at the state of it now…” the model went on “It’s not the same,” Iffat completed the supermodel’s sentence. “I’m not being elitist, but come on man,” Iman continued. “But it’s just the way they speak, I mean. Their basic general knowledge is just so…”

To which, model Mushk Kaleem portrayed her stance regarding her insensitive comments and answered her valiantly through her social media platform. The model was quite amazed at her statement as she has been admiring for a long time!

Mushk wrote, “I’m appalled that someone I’ve grown up admiring would make such a statement.”

The model continued, “What does she mean when she says that we can’t speak or that we don’t have general knowledge? As for speaking in English, it’s not our mother tongue, it’s a second language (and) not everyone can speak properly and that’s okay.”

Mushk concluded by saying, “Even though you say you are not being elitist, the truth is you are.”

Iman Aly got married last year and has quite an influence on media industry owing to her spectacular beauty and scintillating skills.

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