MUNIB NAWAZ: Hum Show Case 2018 Day 2

The phantom is a tribute to old school chivalry in the modern times of restlessness; it is a collection that is set to define the rules of the 21st century gentleman. He is smart, he is sharp, he is unafraid of where has come from and unafraid to pave his own way to his future.

His life is about his journey, the places he’s been, the things he has seen, he is a creature of the night who knows how to make each day his own. The phantom is the ghost of our inner belief that lives inside us, hidden away under layers of social pressures. With this collection Munib Nawaz attempts to showcase a collection that enables people to embrace their unique identities and put together their own image instead of how they are expected to be seen.

The colors and the textures create background of the night, the strong silhouettes with soft tailoring represent the shape of the journey in everyone’s life. The embellishment is based in our rich heritage but contemporaries to suit the modern gent, who knows how to own a rock concert stage and aboard room full of suits.  The phantom is about to be set free.

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