Mum’s Day Out

By Kahkashan Farooq

Mother's Day

Hmm! So Mother’s Day is around the corner. We love this day, because it celebrates the most important person of our life. I am always on a look out for new ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day. What should we gift our mums this year is a major concern of us all. Chocolates? Nay! Chocolates can be gifted any time. They are so common. And also I just remember the doctor’s advice to my mum. Her sweat tooth has been restrained lately. She has been asked to control it for good health and shape. As she’s a chocolate snob, my literally sweet gift can upset her diet control regime. Your mums might have the same issue. I think we should, instead, buy our mums some fresh flowers. Flowers are beautiful. They look great, smell great and make a great gift. Okay so here I go! The florist is overly happy, and why he shouldn’t be? His flowers are selling like hotcakes. People are buying roses, tulips, lilies, daffodils etc. etc. I also want to get my mom a bunch of pink lilies. They are so inviting. I pick up the bunch. Yikes! There are tiny insects on them. No! Let us change our minds. Off course, these two, three, a few, or too many little creatures cannot be allowed to slip inside our homes along with the gift. They can be very nasty. We want our mums to sleep peacefully at night snoring on their beds in their soundproof rooms, rather than endure the company of these uninvited guests. Their peaceful sleep is very important for us. Instead, let us spoil our mums by making some tasty lunch. Italian? Chinese? Thai? All sound so fancy. Or just some noodles will do – that’s the only thing that I actually know how to make? Sigh! I know most of us lack the sense and skills required at the culinary arts. Our cooking experiments would definitely spoil the Mother’s Day event. The taste buds of majority of mums are hard to please. They enjoy only the finest tastes. So there has to be something really special for mums. Oh wow! I got the answer to this million-dollar quest. There is a place that’s special. ‘Rendezvous’! The restaurant is offering a special and affordable Mum’s Day Out Menu that every mother is sure to love whether she likes desi food or has taste for international flavours. Rendezvous is the only place in the entire capital city to treat your mum in a super special way! The three-course meal is available in two choices. They include soups, salads, baked salmon with green caper butter sauce, juicy grilled chicken with chef’s special smoked BBQ sauce. And yes, the yummiest brownie trifle and chocolate pecan pie follow the meal. I know I just denounced buying packaged chocolates, but exclusive chocolate desserts of ‘Rendezvous’ are something entirely different. Our mums deserve it on their day. Let us buy them flowers too, but make sure they don’t have bugs!

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