Movie Review: ‘Twilight — Breaking Dawn Part 2’

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Okay Twihards. You aren’t really going to like this review a lot, but at least you’ll be getting a fair idea of what one needs to put themselves through while watching this ultimate part of the Twilight saga. Put your hands together and applaud as hard as you can. Pale, extra-red-lipped vampires will not torture us anymore. Unless one fine day somebody has the indomitable urge to do a Stephenie Meyer all over again. Until then, we’re at peace, writes Ananya Bhattacharya for Zee News.

On to the story then. ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2’ takes the story of Isabella Swan (an exceedingly woody Kristen Stewart. Ah. No surprises there!) and Edward Cullen (an inaudible-at-times-irritating-at-others Robert Pattinson) forward from where the last instalment had ended. Bella was reborn as a vampire, thanks to Edwards’s ‘saving act’ of poisoning her with the venom; Renesmee (Mackenzie Foy), Edward and Bella’s daughter was born and Jacob (Taylor Lautner) had already imprinted upon her (chosen her as a soulmate). This fifth and last film in the series takes its viewers through a journey which is extremely fantastical at the best and painfully boring at the worst.

This romantic fantasy is not what one would – unless they swear by Bella and Edward – like. By the law, vampires aren’t supposed to reproduce. So when Irina (the Cullens’ estranged cousin) watched Renesmee playing in the snow, Jacob’s wolf avatar and Bella next to her, she informs the Volturis that the law hasn’t been adhered to. Hence begins an utterly complex series of things which find their culmination in – strangely – Alice (Ashley Greene)’s clairvoyant powers. The rest, as they say, watch to find out.

Robert Pattinson, for most parts of the film, is uniquely incomprehensible. He speaks with an accent, which needs to be cautiously listened to in order to be understood – maybe opening his mouth and really pronouncing each word might have helped. But this isn’t exactly the realm of word-uttering proficiencies. Other than the fact that he’s too pale and appears to have applied a generous dosage of red lipstick, the times when he’s actually acting aren’t that bad. He doesn’t really pull off a stunner, but does manage a somewhat decent job.

Kristen Stewart. Aah! Where to begin! She’s the mother Bella now. She’s slowly learning to give birth to some sort of expressions on her face, or so it seems with ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2’. However, that woody demeanour of hers requires a lot of chiselling. Also, wish some day, there would actually be some director who’d be able to infuse life into her otherwise zombie-ish acting. Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black performs really well. The supporting cast, which comprises names like Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, Kellan Lutz, Peter Facinelli, Michael Sheen and others have done justice to their roles.

The background score by Alexandra Patsavas is one that has this uncanny ability to stay on in the mind long after the final credits have ceased to roll. The film is shot in beautiful, snowy terrains; but most of its scenes take place indoors. There has been ample use of violence – sometimes gory, at others funny. And in the end, ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2’ comes across as a film that will be remembered for providing people with the beautiful feeling that ‘The Twilight Saga’ has come to an end, I daresay.

For people who haven’t watched the previous parts of the series, honestly – don’t bother. For people who’d go anyway, given that it’s Pattinson and Stewart, go protect yourselves. This is not really your best ‘Twilight‘ film that’s come out of the stable. Cheers to the end. Cheers to the fact that ‘The Twilight Saga’ has come to an end. daily times monitor

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