Movie 1921 review: Director has made unintentionally funny film

1921 is the story of a young man Ayush (Karan Kundra), who takes place to be a skilled pianist. A philanthropist takes him below his wing, hires him as a caretaker for his circle of relatives estate in York, and receives him enrolled at York’s global-famous track college. however, a chain of misadventures make certain that our hero gets concerned with supernatural forces. To rid himself of them, he receives the offerings of Rose (Zarine Khan), who can see lifeless humans and goes out of her way to help them. Now, the film has all of the trappings of an excellent-old flip of the century gothic horror tale, with photo postcard places, a haunted residence with too many scary nooks and corners and quite humans looking all scared and gloomy and bravely struggling with the evil in opposition to all odds. Vikram Bhatt ought to have accompanied the formulation however does lots disservice to his film by using putting in too many plot-traces You soon lose song of all the varied threads and thereby become bored in the proceedings.

director has made an unintentionally funny film. He need to start learning drawing before making another horror movie…

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