Most awaited sequel of this year SUNO CHANDA 2 has much more to offer than expected! Wanna know why?

Casted a charm of addiction via one of its kind comedy drama venture, Suno Chanda not only won hearts in Pakistan but also across the border owing to its flawless, casual and realistic acting that has an edge of naughtiness in every character! You must agree with us on that the lead characters Ajiya (Iqra Aziz) and Arsalan (Farhan Saeed) are our most favourite character of the drama as they tend to show emotions and grudges with each other. The amalgam of emotions has gotten us all for sure!

Paving its way to the highest rated drama, director has decided to make its sequel which is on point. Garnering love from all over, it is the need of the hour to have such light yet entertaining dramas on air especially in Ramadan to replace the filthy stuff that cross the line! Keeping it apart, the drama has a sequel now and its making headlines due to introduction of amazing characters and also interesting factor that revolves around the drama is that it’s getting loads of love from INDIA as well.

Raza shares, “I play the fun-loving Mithoo, who is Bebe’s son (played by Arjumand Rahim). He’s an engineer, who’s just come from the village and he’s fallen madly in love with a girl because of which you’ll see him behaving oddly. It’s a character with depth yet very light on the surface. I think people will enjoy watching him.”

Iqra Aziz also shared her view about the upcoming venture, “Suno Chanda is going to be so much more than what it was; there’s more laughter, love, relationships, also more heart-wrenching moments. There’s lot of new characters, the family’s gotten even bigger. This season, you’ll see how sometimes it becomes difficult to sustain relationships but you soldier through anyway because of the love you have for one another.”

Director’s say about the drama,”The story will go beyond anyone’s imagination because we’ve got new additions to the family, it’s going to be a really fun ride.”

Recently Nabeel Zuberi a model turned actor in Suno chanda 2 had took to Instagram to ask him about the drama so it was shocking to receive so much messages and love from India as we can gather from these messages and reaction from the people there that they are more anxious to watch this serial!

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