Momins Collection at ‘Eid in the Square’ Fashion Show

Khawaja Waqar Ahmad alias Viq, started his career at an early age. Graduated from Government College in Lahore Pakistan, he majored in economics. Influenced by Nayyar Ali Dada, Mr Viq always appreciated great works of architectural structures. Having had a family business which dealt in fashion, Mr Viq found a way to release his creative thinking through the fashion world. He showcased his talents to his
father who immediately saw the potential in him. He then began to take over the designing aspects of the family business known as Poshak Mahal. Poshak Mahal had gained massive popularity in Lahore Pakistan due to its uniqueness and latest designs. He then went on to venture out on his own and make
a label for menswear in Lahore, which he called ‘Nayab’. Nayab was an instant success as Mr Viq saw the niche in the market and introduced European shirts and trousers within the market of Pakistan. Nayab had a very good tenure of business; having had 3 branches in Lahore running well, Mr Viq decided to
explore the UK market as well. Partnering up with his brother, Mr Viq starting running Poshak Mahal in London. Having had all that experience in the fashion world Mr Viq introduced new eastern styles within London. Mr Viq has since launched ‘Momins’ in Whitechapel London in late 2012.Momins in an exciting new venture & brainchild of Mr Viq’s. He has poured all his experience into this brand! He is introducing new trends within Momins by infusing east and west into the garments. He is focussing on the modern wearer and is set to develop more exciting infusions in the near future. He has personally chosen the slogan for this brand as ‘The Peoples Brand’. Showcasing that all of his hard work has been for the consumers, and this is his way of giving the customers just what they like & want.

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