MoltyFoam’s new campaign is all about “Respecting choices”

Master MoltyFoam does it again! Challenging the stereotypes and redefining the societal norms with their new campaign. 

Master MoltyFoam – Mashaadi 2020 campaign featuring Marina Khan and Mahira Khan has been making rounds on social media. The campaign beautifully sketches the myriad of challenges that a single mother faces whilst also highlighting the stigma over remarriage. In a society where women are scrutinized for their age and the idea of remarriage for a mother is frowned upon, Master MoltyFoam did an amazing job in normalizing a mother as a human being.

In keeping with the theme of Mashaadi, MoltyFoam went a step further this year by tackling a delicate issue around the notion of respecting choices. Unfortunately, even in this era women in Pakistan have to constantly let go of their identity, fight for basic rights, and explain their every decision. The thought-provoking campaign pinpoints that before being a mother, a wife, and a daughter; she is a woman with her own identity and dreams. Her choices and need for companionship as an individual should not be judged on her being a widow or a mother.

The endearing and powerful message of the campaign perfectly encapsulates Master MoltyFoam’s vision of redefining people’s perceptions and negating the stereotypes. Committed to its legacy of repairing the social fabric and addressing tabooed issues in their campaigns for a better progressive Pakistan. Master MoltyFoam constantly challenges the status quo of advertising that has historically been more about fantasy than reality, and female idealization rather than empowerment.

In a state where women are facing dual exploitation – structural exclusion and attitudinal animosity in a patriarchal society, MoltyFoam has become a beacon of hope for women. From the famous “Beti Bojh Nahi Hai”, “A Promise of Hope”, Women of Strength Series to “Mashaadi”, MoltyFoam is actively playing its part to empower women. We hope that more brands in Pakistan come forward and use the platform to change the narratives on sensitive and controversial issues.  

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