Mohsin Naveed Ranjha, a name synonymous to bedazzling eastern glamour

Mohsin Naveed Ranjha, a name synonymous to bedazzling eastern glamour. A couturier who changed the idea of the world regarding Pakistani fashion. This young and ambitious man hailing from Gujranwala has proven time and again that he’s here and he’s here to stay. From the remarkable customer service to the wide range of options in eastern couture, Mohsin’s Maison has proven to be the top choice of public and celebrities alike. His work and his aesthetic has reestablished the importance of timeless fashion, heirloom pieces and old world glamour. His eclectic color combinations complimented with classic hand embroideries and hand embellishments sets him apart. His ideations and opulent moods can be witnessed in the aesthetic visuals of his campaigns.

His recent campaign pays tribute to Lollywood’s legacy shot at the iconic, ‘Capri Cinema.’ A beautiful array of luxurious velvet ensembles with rich embellishments stitched into beautiful classic silhouettes. The clothes speak volumes of the brand’s aesthetic while each garment is named after legendary lollywood actresses embodied by the charismatic and beautiful face of the campaign Eman suleman shot in a beautiful old school theatre setting.

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