Mohsin Abbas Haider coming back in Industry with a track and twitterattis are roasting him BRUTALLY!

Mohsin Abbas Haider releasing his new single named ROOH under the banner of Patari and people are not happy with it all as twitterattis bashed the artist and the platform. Recently, Mohsin Abbas Haider had been accused by her wife Fatima Sohail for domestic violence. After this hideous allegation, many renowned celebrities and channels kept their distant from him as it was unacceptable for everyone.

Dunya news announced their disassociation from the artist and shunned from his show “Mazak Raat” due to this allegation. Not only that, many celebrities came upfront to support Fatima Sohail and revealed that Mohsin Abbas Haider used to abuse.

Now after months, the singer is releasing his single in music fraternity named Rooh and Patari is the platform that is all supporting him with the comeback. Twitterattis are not only bashing Mohsin Abbas Haider for coming back but also Patari for supporting allegedly abuser utterly.

Here are some of the comments:
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