Mira Seethi tied the knot with his fiancée Bilal Siddiqui in the simplest way!

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Redefining the trends in wedding season, daughter of famed journalist Najam Seethi, Mira Seethi tied the knot with her fiancée and close family friend named Bilal Siddiqi. They had their Nikkah and Mehndi ceremony in Lahore but relished rest of the wedding nuptials in California with their close ones.

Ali Seethi lit up the Mehndi ambiance by his power pack performance and the bride seems to have enjoyed every bit of this moment. What’s more captivating than your brother singing on your wedding?

Mira Seethi flaunted her excitement and merriment explicitly without any hesitation. It seems the couple cherished every moment and enjoyed it to the fullest. She kept it all chic and classy as she took to her social media and posted her wedding clicks with the caption:


I did my own makeup, scooped my hair into a ponytail, and married the love of my life. Two weeks before the wedding, at Burning Man, I painted love of life’s nails while love of life was asleep. Love of life woke up, looked at hand, smiled, and went on with his day. Two weeks later he strolled into wedding venue with these nails. I love him, and here are some photos of this crazily delightful.