Mi Raqsam – Kia Mohabbat Aur Deewangi Aik Bar Phir Koi Naya Gul Khilaye Gi?

A serial revolving around two childhood sweethearts and star-crossed lovers, Zeeshan and Sadia, and highlighting the hypocrisy and selfishness embedded in our society. When we first meet Zeeshan, he is the eight year old son of a bureaucrat and deeply unhappy child. With his father having an illicit liaison with a woman called Mehvish and his mother upset about her husband’s infidelity and so unable to give her son love and attention. Zeeshan finds himself drawn to his servant’s daughter Sadia, who is not only his playmate, but also confidant and shoulder to cry on. As the wheels of time turn, Zeeshan’s mother dies and his father marries Mehvish, leaving Zeeshan feeling almost alone in the world, except for his one true friend Sadia. However, just as they are old enough to realize that they love each other but fate throws them apart.
Will Zeeshan ever be able to attain Sadia?

A meandering tale, full of twists and turns that will leave you engrossed!

Cast: Salman Shahid, Aiza, Shehzad Shiekh, Nausheen Shah, Waseen Abbas, Rashid Farooqui.

Written By: Kifayat Rodini
Directed By: Sabiha Sumaar
Produced By: A&B Entertainment.
Fresh Airing: Wednesday & Thursday at 8:30 pm
Repeat Airing: Wed 11:00 am, Thu & Fri at 2:30 am and 4:00 pm, Fri & Sat 8:00 am, Sun & Mon 5:00 am

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