Mere Pass Tum Ho Stole the limelight at PISA 2020: Attained massive honors!

A drama that has not only made all drama lovers go drooling over the content but also created a major hype on social media owing to it’s distinctive storyline and amazing dialogue delivery by the actors. Not only the drama has been appreciated but many people have also criticized it on various grounds.Pakistan’s first ever International Screen Awards in Dubai honored the cast with prestigious awards. From director to writer, the drama has achieved big at PISA 2020;

Here is the list of awards won by the drama

Best Actress Ayeza Khan for Merey Paas Tum Ho (MPTH) (Viewers’ Choice)

Best Actor Humayun Saeed for MPTH (Viewers’ Choice)

Best TV Play MPTH (Viewers’ Choice)

Best Writer TV Khalilur Rehman for MPTH

Best Director Nadeem Baig for MPTH (Viewers’ Choice)

Best Original Sound Track for TV MPTH (Viewers’ Choice)

Best Actor Male TV Adnan Siddiqui for MPTH (Critics’ Choice)

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