Mehwish Hayat doesn’t surrender in front of Bollywood movie offers: “I will speak the truth” she says

Making headlines even now and then owing to her achievements and controversies regarding performances, actress Mehwish Hayat stands tall and is not afraid to speak the truth no matter what people say. She has lately talked about wrong portrayal of Pakistani nation in Bollywood movies at international level.In an interview, she revealed that “I’d rather speak the truth and not get cast in their films,” she said. “This is not something that I’ve said right now. I’ve been saying this all along. Maybe because of the current crisis, this has amplified so much. This has been my stance since day one,”

Further she also shared her upcoming projects and that got us all enthralled because it is about late politician Benazir Bhutto. She would be playing Benazir Bhutto in her next venture and she is quite excited to play this character. She is already reading books regarding the personality but believes that portraying the character in the movie is quite different.

“I love Benazir Bhutto,” she said. “She was the first woman prime minister of Pakistan. That’s such a great thing. People need to see and know more about Benazir,”

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