Mehreen Syed debuts in film industry with ‘Chambaili’

Directed by Ismail Jilani, produced by Shehzad Nawaz and Abdullah
Kadwani, film boasts of stellar cast with some debutantes

By Saira Agha

The best just got even better. Fashion icon and supermodel Mehreen Syed who is famously known for being more than just a pretty face with a killer body; the mastermind behind the International Fashion Academy of Pakistan; has won the hearts of many, not just in Pakistan but all over the world as well with stunning shoots abroad, gracing gazillion magazine covers, walking a dozen ramps for numerous fashion designers, and now has successfully bagged Ismail Jilani’s ‘Chambaili’.

“I believe in observing complete silence about any of my projects before it actually takes place. That’s the beauty of it, and the success of the end result is always there for everyone to see, which is humbling but at the same time very encouraging as well,” said Mehreen while talking to Daily Times. “The idea of performing on the big screen was always something that really attracted me, and though I had been approached for a lot of projects already, I wanted to take my time in saying ‘yes’ to a something that really stood out. I have really high hopes from ‘Chambaili’. Let’s see how it goes.”

The co-producer, writer and lyricist of the film, Shehzad Nawaz also while talking to Daily Times, chose not to give out any details of the film but did say, “This is probably going to be Salman Peerzada’s first film in Pakistan. Before this, he has done two for BBC films, two for the UK and one for the US as the main lead. So for Pakistan, this is going to be his first. In addition, of course, we have a huge cast, including Mehreen Syed, Khalid Ahmed, Ehteshamuddin, Humayun, Maira Khan, Saiqa Khayyam, Ghulam Mohiuddin, Omair Rana, Shafqat Cheema among others. The main emphasis was casting that talent which is otherwise not so famous on the silver screen to add a touch of originality and the convincing factor to it. You see, I believe the character should always be bigger than the actor, so it doesn’t really matter who plays what, as long as justice is done to the role.”

Speaking further about the film, Shehzad said, “We have Najam Sheraz for the music, which is going to be his first film as a music director, then we have the band Azal. Essentially, Shehbaz Khan of the band Azal is the scoring director for ‘Chambaili’. There are a total of 11 songs in the film. There’s another phenomenal band Soch, which has provided amazing music to the film too, including Shehzad Roy.”

When commenting on how long it took for him to come up with the idea behind ‘Chambaili’ all the way to its final wrap-up, Shehzad said, “I am a cognitive thinker. It has taken me about three different versions of the storyline and seven drafts of the screenplay.”

When asked how relatable and interesting Mehreen’s role was in the film, Shehzad said, “Mehreen is playing the role of a woman whose role every girl would associate with. So if a girl in this day and age dances, Mehreen will be dancing. If she falls in love, Mehreen will be falling in love. If she believes in her right, Mehreen will be believing in her right. If the common girl out there is changing, Mehreen will be the harbinger of change. So she is epitomising and personifying the girl out there who will be making a difference in the context of how she lives in this country and her aspirations as it’s a social film.”

The director of ‘Chambaili’ also while talking to Daily Times had a few things to add as well, “The film is basically a political feature, having a political narrative, which obviously is fictitious. We are aiming to release the film Insha Allah during the first quarter of 2013, which obviously is quite near.”

Well, what can we say guys, can’t wait to check out this one for sure.

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