Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are breaking traditions and US media is all praising their ways!

News of the royal baby has delighted many people around the world – and been prominently covered by media outlets from the US, the birthplace of the Duchess of Sussex. Americans have always been known to be obsessed with British Royals – but the fact that Meghan is, as Fox News described it, “one of their own-turned-British-Royal”, might have particularly boosted their enthusiasm.

On a more serious note, many US websites appeared to approve of how the Duke and Duchess of Sussex chose to “break with tradition” by demanding more privacy during the birth of their child. They echoed TV host Oprah Winfrey, who recently said she was “so proud” of Meghan’s decision to “say ‘this is what I really want for my baby and my family.'”

“Harry’s wonder at the miracle of birth — and the great effort involved — stood in contrast to how Prince William and Catherine, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, have played it.

Kate is famous for appearing just hours after birth outside the maternity wing in London. She always looks great, by the way. But many have said her turn before the cameras presents a slightly skewed version of what happens behind the scenes.”

“Giving this kind of praise to his wife on the world stage and recognizing the kind of effort it takes to grow a human being and then deliver it into the world is a beautiful message… a message that more women need to hear.”The New York Times said that the baby “represents change for the oldest of houses… He is the first multiracial baby in the British monarchy’s recent history, an instant star in a country where multiracial children make up the fastest-growing ethnic category.”

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