Meet the Pakistani American Filmmaker Taking Giant Strides in Hollywood

If you have seen or heard about the Hollywood film Eco Boomer, you would likely have heard about Omar H. Paracha. The 29-year old is making his presence felt in the biggest film industry in the world, Hollywood. Eco Boomer, which was released earlier this month, has been well received by a worldwide audience. There is more good news for those who liked the film. In the 1st quarter of 2021, we would be able to see Paracha’s second film as an Executive Producer, “Afterwards.” Eco Boomers tapped into the frustration and anger of middle and working-class people around the world. So, it will be interesting to see what Afterwards is about.

Omer H. Paracha’s journey began as a student of art. His undergrad subject was mass communication, and he mastered in multimedia design. During his academic journey, he studied film and editing scripts. So, film making was always a passion. After having paid his dues with hard work, it seems things are falling into place nicely.

However, there is a bit more about this man’s story. He also runs an apparel store called “Paraval” in Los Angeles, USA. It is a street-inspired luxury brand presenting a blend of top-quality fabric and hip designs. The success of Paraval is down to the designers and the vision of Omer Paracha. As a film, Eco Boomer connected with a global audience because it reflected the public’s emotion. Paraval’s street-inspired design reflects the milieu and hence has been able to find a niche for itself. The parallels are there to see.

However, this seems like the beginning of a long career in the industry in terms of films. Once we have a vaccine for Covid-19 and cinemas open up, more opportunities would present themselves. That might include a Pakistani film, as he has talked about in the past. A man of his experience and know-how would only bring positive things to the Pakistani industry. If that happens, it will be well into the future. For now, we eagerly await the release of Afterwards and see what Mr. Paracha has to offer next.  

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