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Hajra Hayat

It’s always a great personal pleasure to connect with designers and talk with them about their creative ideas.

Since launching her line, Hajra Hayat Bridal, in 1998 in Lahore, designer Hajra Hayat has established a name for herself in Bridal Fashion with her chic modern designs. Today Hajra Hayat is one of best bridal designers of Pakistan.

Hajra Hayat was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule to give exclusive interview to When you’re done reading the interview, be sure to check out the photo gallery, filled with pictures of the impressive Hajra Hayat collection.

How does it feel to be recognized as one of the most wanted and one of the most favorite fashion designers amongst the women?

HAJRA HAYAT:  thanku for the recognition …..well no denying that  it feels good , but the more one grows , the more the pressure and responsibility .so in reality the stress of keeping up my work performance keeps me very grounded,and the other factors don’t get highlighted that much .

Tell us about your bridal collection. How is it different?

HAJRA HAYAT:  I have always designed from my heart, I design bridals for the modern women who r aware of their culture and traditions…..and my focus on colors has been appreciated over the years and for that I am very grateful to GOD.

How do you keep ideas pouring in your mind for every dress you design?

HAJRA HAYAT:  Like any artist I get inspired by my surroundings and when I travel , the colors around me , the ppl around me  and my moods get translated into my work .

What are latest bridal trends?

HAJRA HAYAT:  Creative cuts and a brand new color palette at Hajra Hayat bridals.

What do you have to say about the time when you started your career in 1998 and the time now? How are things different are people more aware fashion now?

HAJRA HAYAT:  When I started my career I was 20 years old….my clients were always older than me, and  there was hardly anyone my age doing bridals ,so it took immense amount of dedication and much hard work to get noticed and stay consistent……….today ,now that various platforms are there ,from fashion weeks , to multi branded stores ,to social media marketing ……the younger lot can quickly get noticed ,but they still will only do well , if they r good at their work .

What has been your biggest achievement so far?

HAJRA HAYAT:  When I stated my career with rs 6000 in hand , I didn’t know ill still be around after 15 years .in my opinion just being able to do your work with the same passion ,with all the constant ups and downs in the socio- economic growth  of our country, is in its self commendable, if not an achievement.

There are so many designers out there, do you think it’s a tough compotation?

HAJRA HAYAT:  Absolutely, and that’s what keeps us excited and on our toes.

Now a days brides want the best dress, hair and makeup what do you recommend them especially when they come to you?

HAJRA HAYAT:  Go to all the people who have experience and credibility behind their label, may they be designers or makeup artists …….and then sit back, relax and let them make u the princess that you are.

How do you think our Pakistani fashion industry is doing so far, with so many successful fashion weeks?

HAJRA HAYAT:  The industry is buzzing, booming and going the right way.

What’s your ‘fashion dream’ that still needs to come true?

HAJRA HAYAT:  I have a long list of international celebs I wud luv to dress.

Do you have any further fashion plans, to design any different category?

HAJRA HAYAT:  Absolutely there much to do still, just hoping and praying to grow from strength to strength.

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