LOL of the year: Meera is Still Under 30!

Meera has decided to put her foot down. After entertaining us for years, the Lollywood queen wants to put an end to all jokes made about her English and age quite a time ago. Now she is back on track and is entertaining the viewers and her fans with her exceptional English.

The Great Meera just confessed that she is just a bachi and under 30. Oops, Really? We have grown up watching her and have passed half of the age and she is just 30. Waoww sounds hilarious.  While talking to a news person she spoke up that she is under 30. What do you think?


The actress also stated that: “News regarding my age has always been complicated. Googles Has Wrong Information, My Age is under 30 and I Am Still a Girl. Even the news regarding my age is also wrong, u know.”

Whatever your age is Meera, you still look young and beautiful. We wish you happy birthday (12th May). May you live long and happy, and keep us entertaining the same way. We love you.

Source: F.C


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