Meera and Reema friends again

ISLAMABAD — Pakistan’s two leading female actors, Reema and Meera have decided to put an end to their longstanding antagonism.

“We are now determined we will never fight again,” Reema said in an interview with Urdu daily Jang.

Reema said she had always been Meera’s friend but Meera had never reciprocated that sentiment. However, she said all differences have been resolved now. “We are now fast friends,” she added, hoping the patch-up would be beneficial for the film industry. Speaking to the daily, Meera, currently starring in Geo TV’s Kon Banega Meera Pati, said she hoped she and Reema would never fight again and that they now had a “real friendship”.

“Neither Reema nor I are number one. I have given up thoughts that lead to fights,” she said.

“Where does fighting get you anyway? We will now work together for the betterment of the film industry. In any case, right now I am enjoying working in my new programme on Geo and the immense popularity I have got because of the show.” Reema is likely to be married in a couple of months. Meera’s marriage is a subject of lot of speculations.